Our Club

Our parties are held in the Oswego, Illinois area. The facility is private, discrete, rural, and safe...More

Enjoy our indoor hot tub and the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The hot tub and swimming pools are all heated perfectly and clothing optional.

The facility also includes 16 beds in 9 separate rooms. That way if you want to put on a show, you have an opportunity to do so, but if you prefer a private room, you’ll have no problem finding one.

Each room has fresh sheets and soak-proof mattress pads which are laundered and changed between events. The largest room (three beds pushed together) has a music and light show to help set the mood. There are all kinds of exciting places to explore, including swings and bunk beds.

Downstairs the lifestyle club has a large dance floor complete with a stripper pole.

The parties are BYOB, and there are three drink mixing stations, so you never have to wait in line to serve yourself. Mixers and ice are always readily available, and we ensure that they never run out.

The club has a locker room for you to store your personal belongings, but it’s a good idea only to bring what you must have to party. We never have a problem with theft, but people do have a tendency to lose things when they are carefree and having the best night of their life.

We have designated areas for smokers but most of the facility is smoke-free and professionally cleaned between events.

Where to Stay

The club is outside of Oswego, Illinois. There are three (3) hotels within 10 minutes to the club...More

Hampton Inn - Yorkville

Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Yorkville

Super 8 by Wyndham - Yorkville

We are trying to build a relationship with these hotels, so if you get a chance to say who referred you, say "FNO Travel Club". Over time we hope they will offer discounts to our friends from out of town.

When you Arrive

When you arrive at the club, you come to the hostess’s desk. They will check you in against the RSVP list. If you are not on the list we can not let you into the facility. If you have not made your donation, you can do so at this time however, we highly recommend that you donate online. FNO provides early-bird rates for a limited amount of tickets. At the door you will be asked to donate at the full rate...More

After that, you can pick up a FNO Play Level Identifier or PLI.

The FNO Play Level Identifier (PLI) is a great way to tell others what you are into that night. We created three logos that visually let other FNO Friends know if you are at:

LEVEL 1 - Interested in no play, voyeurism or same room only. The PLI has a single swinger symbol. If you really want to get into a full swap situation, this couple is not for you at this time. If you like them as people, we recommend getting to know them on a platonic level. You may never know when they decide to level up. And if they never do, friendship is more important than sex.

LEVEL 2 - Interested in soft swapping this evening. The PLI for these patrons has two swinger symbols embedded in it. It signifies that this couple is interested in switching partners but only up to foreplay. There will be no penetrative sex.

LEVEL 3 - These patrons are looking to enjoy a full swap experience. If you are too, GREAT! However, that does not mean they want to full swap with you. It’s best to strike up a conversation to determine if there is a spark. Again, being friendly goes a long way and sometimes you will have to remember our friend’s words; “Known them for years. Never fucked her.”

Remember, everything is situational. You may choose PLI 3 but later decide you’re only up for PLI 2. Or not up for swapping at all. In no way should this be a substitute for excellent communication. We only do this because our monogamous guests often hesitate to talk with swingers for fear of “leading them on.” The FNO Play Level Identifier allows everyone to realize that people are conversing with them because they want to be friends.

Private Club or Business

Full disclosure; FNO is a private club for members only. However, we aren’t fabulously wealthy and we do try to make a small profit. This allows us to provide the best possible experience for our friends...More

The donations allow us to decorate, rent and clean. We also offer items for sale, like PLI badges, clothing, shoes, etc. One thing we are proud of is our policy to not screw over single guys. Their donation is the same as a couple. We do not uncharge them like some other clubs.

If any club says they “aren’t in it for the money” yet request a donation, then guess what; they are in it for the money. We just want to be upfront with you.

FNO Presents... is a division of the Stolp Island Network, LLC.

Privacy and Transparency

The privacy of our friends is of the utmost importance. FNO protects your identity. We do not store your personal information on the cloud...More

Your name(s) and all other personal data is maintained on secure severs and guarded with fierce voracity. To RSVP you only have to provide your lifestyle email address, lifestyle profile name and the lifestyle site you belong to. We do, however, ask if you would like to let other lifestylers know you are coming. We then post that information on the event page.

We also have a private community on Kasidie. We post FNO events there and you can see who has RSVP’d for the party. If you don’t have a Kasidie account we highly recommend this swinger site. You can sign up for a free account here. We get credit for each new sign up. Again, with that full disclosure thing.

People attend parties to meet other people; therefore having a realistic sense of who is coming is essential. Have you ever RSVP’d to an event and then later changed your mind? Of course, you have! Unpaid RSVPs are meaningless.

Check out the “Who is Going” page for each event on SLS, LL and Kasidie. It shows who (lifestyle profile name and lifestyle site only) has purchased a non-refundable ticket. So if they change their mind and don’t attend, they are walking away from anywhere between $40 to $80. Therefore we hope our show rate is around 90%. You never have to ask us how many people are attending, and we never have to promote FNO events using hyperbole phrases like “this event is blowing up.”

Dress Code

We want to ensure you are comfortable and have a chance to make the best impression possible...More

Please Dress to Impress

Men wear slacks or nice jeans with a collared dress shirt or polo type shirt or classy Tee and nice shoes.

Ladies generally come dressed in a sexy top or club dress. Many change into sexier clothing and/or lingerie later in the evening.

NICE jeans are permitted. Jeans that are distressed or overly worn are NOT permitted. If in doubt, contact us. We want to ensure you are comfortable and have a chance to make the best impression possible.

Any FNO wear.

The following is NOT sexy club attire and is NOT permitted:

  • Baggy shirts or pants

  • Baseball type caps of any kind, beanies or skull caps

  • Sleeveless shirts (men), tank tops (men), old T-shirts of any type (men and women)

  • Sports apparel of any kind

  • Work boots

  • Distressed jeans whether new or from wear

Spending the Night

You’re more than welcome to spend the night at the club. We do not want anyone driving home while under the influence of alcohol or tired...More

While this swinger/lifestyle party is in the Chicago suburbs, people drive and fly from around the nation to attend, making it impossible to travel back that night.

The process for spending the night is in this attachment. Bottom line, if you want a private room, arrive as early as possible. There are a few blankets and pillows, but please bring your own.

There are also a number of hotels in the area. Currently we do not have a relationship with any of them. However, we do have a luxury apartment on Stolp Island in Aurora that overlooks the river available on a first come first serve basis. The cost is a flat $250 for Friday and Saturday night. This option is great for couples from out of town that want to create a swingers weekend, plus you get a free Saturday party at Max and Eva's Couples Playhouse, courtesy of FNO . Email bernard@friendsnightout.com of you are interested.

Single Male Policy and Process

Single Males are welcome to attend, however there are a few things you need to know. Main thing is donations are the same as couples. Unlike other clubs, we do not take advantage of single guys monetarily...More

Hello and thank you for your interest in attending FNO Presents... as a single male. You are welcome to attend, however there are a few things you need to know.

First, our events have a strict 5 to 1 couple to single male ratio. We also cap the total number of single men to five (5). Secondly, before you can attend you must be vetted by our all-female selection committee. In order to be considered you complete our application. Click Here.

Once approved, you will be allowed to RSVP for our events. Invitations will be sent to all approved single gentlemen and admission is on a first come, first served basis. You will be given a limited time to make your donation. If you RSVP but can't attend, we understand things happen. However, if you establish a pattern, we will drop you from the approved single male list. Sorry, but this is the fairest way.

Lastly, Because you will be exposed to a number of single ladies and couples, you may be asked to meet outside of FNO. Should this happen, CONGRATULATIONS! Just remember, your reputation and actions carryover to FNO as a VETTED single male. Reports of unsavory actions will be reported to Her Grace and you risk being removed from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the events held?

They are held at a private club in suburban Chicagoland. Since we are a private club and for the protection of our friends, we only provide the address to our Friday events after you have committed to one of our events.

Are there any age restrictions for membership?

Yes, you must be 21.

What type of people are your friends?

Our friends are very diverse. The age range is generally 25-50+, however we do have members who are older and younger than that. Our members consist of people from all races, sizes and demographics. The one thing everybody has in common is that they are all SEXY!

We're not "Ken and Barbie" types, in fact we've got some extra padding, can we be friends?

Absolutely! FNO friends are all types of people. Hot and sexy is a matter of how you feel and act, not just how you look. We invite ALL people who feel hot and sexy to come hang with us and have fun.

What should we bring with us to a Friday event?

If you have belongings that you wish to put in a locker, please bring a lock with you. You should also bring your own alcohol. We provide the mixers. You should also bring your own lube and condoms.

Some places have strict drug policies, what about yours?

We have a strict drug policy as well. Even though recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois, it is not permitted at our Friday events at the request of the facilities owner. Illegal drugs are not permitted on premise at ANY time. This policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE! You will be asked to leave and forever barred from coming back if you are found to have illegal drugs on your person. The only exclusion to this policy is PRESCRIPTIVE medicine carried in a clearly marked prescription container.

How does pre-payment work?

The pre-pay donations are non-refundable. Canceled babysitters, deaths, work obligations, and all kinds of things can keep you from attending. The events occur on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. If you miss the event on the second Friday of the month, your ticket will transfer to the second Friday of the following month. Likewise, if you miss the party on the fourth Friday of the month, your ticket will move to the fourth Friday of the next month. However, this is for one month only. After that, your ticket will be voided.

We do not cancel the event or make an exception to the transfer policy due to winter weather. We have couples coming from across the midwest and flying in from around the country for each event, we cannot cancel because it’s snowing at the club or wherever you may live. The event will take place, and you’ll have to decide if it’s safe to travel or not.


Smoking is not allowed inside the club. If you must smoke, there are designated smoking areas. This also applies to e-cigarettes.